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San Francisco Male Breast Reduction

Men with chests that appear more feminine than normal may feel be taunted and teased and singled out amongst their peers, but the condition, known as Gynecomastia, is more common than you might think. Gynecomastia is a condition which causes breast tissue in men to over develop. This condition, which often negatively effects the self esteem and confidence of those who have it, is largely outgrown over time, but for those for whom the condition is not outgrown a Male Breast Reduction surgery may be the only way to get the more masculine chest they desire.
Dr. James Anthony has helped countless men achieve a flatter chest through San Francisco Male Breast Reduction surgery. In the procedure Dr. Anthony removes the excess glandular tissue and sometimes excess skin. In some cases liposuction may also be used. The best way to determine if Male Breast Reduction surgery is right for you is through a consultation. Contact our office today to schedule yours.

San Francisco Buttock Improvement – Brazilian Buttock Lift

Brazil is famous for many reasons. There’s the divine beauty of its sweeping landscapes. The rich and enthusiastic culture. The food, music, dancing and night life. Oh, yeah, and there’s the beaches and the Brazilian bikiniís and Brazilian women who wear them. There’s the Brazilian wax, the Brazilian blow out, both of which have become hugely popular here in the States, and last but certainly not least, there is the Brazilian Butt Lift.
The Brazilian Butt Lift is a multi-functional procedure. Taking the fat from your surrounding abdomen, hips and thighs it then processes that fat and purifies it, then re-injects the best of it into the most ideal areaís of your buttocks to re-form them into a more succulent and full asset.
These days the backside has stepped into the forefront of the media, with more and more famous backsides becoming the envied talk of the town. These natural assets are rare to come by. So, if you are interested in a  more developed, burgeoning bottom, contact us today for a consultation to explore your options!