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Lower Body Lift – San Francisco Body Contouring

Lower Body Lift

A lower body lift (also known as a belt lipectomy) targets excess skin, fat, and cellulite on the abdomen, thighs, back, hips, and buttocks. These areas often develop cosmetic issues like these as a result of the aging process and extreme weight loss.

The incisions necessary for the lower body lift procedure are belt-like, stretching across the lower abdominal area. After they have been created, the plastic surgeon is free to contour the areas, excising loose skin and using liposuction to remove fatty deposits.

Interested in a lower body lift? Contact our office to set up a consultation, where you’ll learn more about the surgery. Dr. James Anthony, a board-certified plastic surgeon well-versed in many types of medical procedures, will discuss lower body lifts with you and create a surgical plan.

Ptosis – Breast Lift Grade II Ptosis San Francisco


One of the worst things about the aging process is its effect on your breasts. Due to a lack of quality collagen and elastin, skin tissue begins to lose its support over the years. Luckily, medical advances have made it possible for plastic surgeons to offer breast lifts, which make the breasts firm and perky once more.

Grade II ptosis – a moderate amount of sagging breast tissue – usually requires a periareolar lift (also called a donut mastopexy) or a vertical lift. These two breast lifts are designed to remove more tissue than the crescent lift without being as invasive as an anchor lift. It’s important to remember that breast lifts usually correct ptosis by one grade, so there still may be a slight amount of sag remaining.

Now that you know your options for remedying Grade II breast ptosis, visit a plastic surgeon to discuss your breast lift procedure. Contact our office to set up an appointment. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. James Anthony is happy to help you better understand your surgical options and make your surgery as comfortable as possible.

Bulbous Tip – Rhinoplasty San Francisco Nose Surgery

Bulbous Tip

Plastic surgeons often refer to rhinoplasty as an art. It involves numerous techniques and requires creativity and an eye for complex detail. A bulbous tip of the nose can be remedied in many ways, one of which is known as the lower lateral crural overlay technique.

A bulbous tip is defined by two internal nasal structures called the lower lateral cartilages (LLCs). During lower lateral crural overlay, the LLCs are overlapped slightly and then sutured together with permanent medical stitches. As this occurs, the rounded outer sides of the LLCs become flatter and straighter.

When choosing the right plastic surgeon for your rhinoplasty procedure, make sure you pick someone who meets your communication needs. Your surgeon should answer your questions and ensure that you fully understand the procedure you’ll be undergoing. Discuss the bulbous tip correction surgery with Dr. James Anthony, an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon serving the San Francisco area. To set up a consultation, contact our office.

Crescent Lift – Breast Lift San Francisco

Crescent Lift

Have you been considering a breast lift? If so, your next step is deciding on the type of breast lift procedure your surgeon will use. When your breasts are experiencing only a slight sag, think about getting a crescent lift.

Crescent lifts are not as invasive as other breast lift incision techniques. They involve a smaller incision at the top of the areola, as opposed to incisions immediately below it and at the breast fold. The amount of access needed is minimal, since this technique is not designed to remove a great deal of tissue.

Typically, the less tissue removed, the easier the recovery process should be. To learn more about crescent lifts and other breast lift techniques, discuss the procedure with Dr. James Anthony, a board-certified plastic surgeon in the San Francisco area. Contact our office to set up a consultation.