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Hanging Columella – Revision Rhinoplasty San Francisco

Hanging Columella

Revision rhinoplasty can be used to correct your hanging columella. Before undergoing this procedure, it’s beneficial to have an understanding of how this issue has occurred. One cause of a hanging columella has to do with previous alterations to the nasal tip.

The cartilaginous internal structures that define the nasal tip are called the lower lateral cartilages (or LLCs). When too much cartilage is removed from this area during primary rhinoplasty, the shortened nose gives the appearance of a hanging columella.

To find out if revision rhinoplasty is right for you, discuss the surgery with a qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. James Anthony. Dr. Anthony has the experience needed to perform delicate rhinoplasty procedures, so call or email our office and set up an appointment today.

Liposuction – Fat Removal Options San Francisco


Feeling out of shape? Diet and exercise just not enough? In cases like these, a liposuction procedure will help to remove fatty tissues from several trouble areas, including the abs, buttocks, and thighs.

There are several different kinds of liposuction, including traditional, ultrasonic, tumescent, water-assisted, and laser liposuction, each with its own list of pros and cons.

With all of these liposuction options, it can be difficult to decide on the right procedure for you. Make an informed choice with a visit to Dr. James Anthony, a board-certified plastic surgeon serving the San Francisco area. To set up a consultation, contact our office.

Blepharoplasty – San Francisco Eyelid Surgery


Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is used to trim away excess skin, fatty deposits, and sagging muscle tissue from the eyelid area. If you have issues wearing your contacts or glasses as a result of drooping eyelid skin, a functional blepharoplasty would be quite beneficial.

Additionally, because the motivating factor in corrective blepharoplasty is not cosmetic in nature, you may be able to save money with your medical insurance provider. Cosmetic procedures are not covered, but functional surgeries sometimes are, depending on the company.

Improve your quality of life – get corrective blepharoplasty from Dr. James Anthony, a qualified, board-certified cosmetic surgeon serving the San Francisco area. To begin this process, contact our office and set up a consultation.

Pollybeak – Revision Rhinoplasty San Francisco


If you have a pollybeak malformation, it may have been caused by primary rhinoplasty. The nose is a complex area, and a surgeon’s changes to the cartilage may have created unintended issues. To correct this cartilaginous pollybeak, revision rhinoplasty is usually necessary.

When not enough cartilage has been removed from the dorsal hump and the bridge, this can cause a cartilaginous pollybeak. Bone and cartilage has been removed, but some cartilage remains below the supratip region, creating an uneven bridge. This cartilage makes the tip project downwards.

The best plastic surgeon to go to for revision rhinoplasty is one with a great deal of experience. Dr. James Anthony, a board-certified plastic surgeon in the San Francisco area, has the rhinoplasty experience necessary to perform this delicate surgery. Contact our office to arrange an appointment.