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Periareolar Incision – San Francisco Breast Reduction

Periareolar Incision

One of the most important choices a patient will make regarding their breast reduction surgery is the type of incision that will be created. When making this choice, the patient is deciding upon the type of scar that will be left after the surgery. One option is the periareolar incision.

A periareolar incision involves the creation of two concentric circles around the areola. While this incision allows a smaller amount of tissue access compared to other breast reduction incision options, its main benefit is that the scars are more hidden. Because they’re on the light/dark borders of the areolae, they blend well.

The periareolar incision is just one of the many options plastic surgeons have for the breast reduction operation. Pay a visit to board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. James Anthony to find out more about your choices. To set up an appointment, contact our office.

Breast Lift – Areola Reduction San Francisco

Breast Lift

Enjoy firmer breasts with a breast lift! This procedure is used to remove excess breast tissue and often involves the reduction of larger areolae, bringing them into proportion with the breast.

When getting an areola reduction during a breast lift, you will be left with minor scars. However, because the scar is around the new edges of the now-smaller areola, it is usually well hidden. It’s also important to practice proper scar care. To learn more, speak with your physician.

So remove that extra breast skin and get firmer, perkier breasts with a breast lift. Speak with Dr. James Anthony, a board-certified plastic surgeon serving the San Francisco area. He will answer your questions and make sure you fully understand the procedure. To arrange an appointment, contact our office.

Breast Reduction – San Francisco Breast Sagging

Breast Reduction

One procedure with a high incidence of patient satisfaction is a breast reduction. This breast surgery’s specific purpose is to reduce breast size, weight, and degree of sagging.

Though breast reductions can have the effect of making the skin smoother and firmer, their primary goal is to correct an imbalanced breast-to-body ratio. Once the ratio is more in balance, the patient will usually find that a whole host of physical and emotional issues have been resolved.

The breast reduction procedure should always be performed by a qualified, board-certified professional like Dr. James Anthony. Find out more about breast reduction with a trip to Dr. Anthony – contact us today for an appointment!

Wide Nose – San Francisco Rhinoplasty Nostril Size

Wide Nose

A nose can appear wide as a result of several potential issues, one of which is larger-than-normal nostrils. If you have a wide nose and are interested in what rhinoplasty can do for you, it’s time to learn more.

During wide nose rhinoplasty, in order to reduce nostril flare and make the nose less wide overall, excess nostril tissue is removed. This can be done through either a sill excision or an alar wedge excision.

To find out more about the techniques available for use in wide nose rhinoplasty, pay a visit to Dr. James Anthony. Dr. Anthony is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon with years of rhinoplasty experience. Arrange an appointment by contacting our office.