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Tummy Tuck – Abdominoplasty San Francisco

Tummy Tuck

Does your stomach have loose skin and excess flab? A tummy tuck will get rid of that drooping skin and fat, giving you trim abs that you can show off and be proud of.

Because a tummy tuck is a surgical procedure, its benefits will not wear off. However, any of the causes of excess fat, loosened ab muscles, and sagging skin can occur again, so be aware of this before the surgery. This is often discussed in greater detail during the consultation.

Interested in a tummy tuck consultation? Contact our office and set up an appointment. You’ll meet with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. James Anthony, an experienced medical practitioner serving the San Francisco area. Call or email today!

Dorsal Hump – Rhinoplasty Skin Elasticity San Francisco

Dorsal Hump

Interested in getting a nasal bump taken care of with rhinoplasty? During nasal surgery, the dorsal hump is either removed or just reduced, depending on the patient’s aesthetic goals.

After the hump is corrected, the skin will be redraped over the area. Due to its elasticity, it will conform to the newly decreased area. For older patients with less skin elasticity or patients with thicker skin, it may be best for the plastic surgeon to avoid reducing the area too much; the skin would not be able to drape properly.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. James Anthony is a skilled medical professional in the San Francisco area. To speak to Dr. Anthony about dorsal hump nasal surgery, contact our office and arrange an appointment.

Brazilian Butt Lift – San Francisco Liposuction

Brazilian Butt Lift

If you have excess body fat deposits and a too-flat rear end, solve both issues with a Brazilian butt lift! This butt augmentation procedure has many benefits that gluteal implants do not, including fat reduction.

Unlike gluteal implants, a Brazilian butt lift uses your own body’s fatty tissue. This is called an autologous fat transfer. Because the tissue comes from your body and is not a foreign material, the body accepts it more readily, and the risk for infection is strongly reduced.

A Brazilian butt lift will give you a firm, round butt and more, so contact us today and set up an appointment! Experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. James Anthony will answer your questions and begin the planning process for your Brazilian butt lift surgery.