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Facelift Recovery – San Francisco Rhytidectomy

Facelift Recovery San Francisco

The years can be cruel to a person’s face. Deep wrinkles and creases, excess fat and loose muscle around the jawline, and hollow cheeks all leave people looking older and more fatigued. Facelifts are the way to rejuvenate the face. If you’re interested, it’s also important to learn about what you’ll need to do during the facelift recovery period.

In around one to two days after a facelift, you may be able to wash your hair again. Be very careful while doing so, and avoid extreme hot or cold water, as this can damage the still-healing tissue of the area. It’s also important to stay out of the sun during facelift recovery; if you must go in the sun, be sure to wear plenty of sun protection, including sunscreen.

For more information on the best ways to take care of yourself during the facelift recovery process, contact our office to set up a consultation. You’ll discuss the healing period with Dr. James Anthony, a board-certified plastic surgeon with years of cosmetic surgery experience and countless satisfied patients.

Radiesse – Jowls Collagen Facial Rejuvenation San Francisco

Radiesse San Francisco

Thinking about using a dermal filler such as Radiesse to combat the effects of aging? Radiesse can be used on many trouble areas, including the places on the sides of the chin where jowls form, called the pre-jowl sulcus. Doing this reshapes and resculpts the jaw line.

Radiesse works by adding numerous microscopic calcium hydroxylapatite balls beneath the lowest skin layer. This creates a framework for the tissues to grow and form around, volumizing the area. Because it also causes an increase in collagen production, the skin becomes better at holding its shape and not sagging.

To reduce the appearance of jowls, contact our office and create an appointment to learn more about Radiesse. Skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. James Anthony will answer your questions and evaluate the area. Call or email us today.

Pinched Nasal Tip – San Francisco Revision Rhinoplasty

Pinched Nasal Tip

Are you feeling nervous about getting rhinoplasty to fix a pinched nasal tip malformation? When performed by an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon, the procedure typically goes smoothly and without any problems. What should you expect when getting revision rhinoplasty?

During pinched nasal tip rhinoplasty, the plastic surgeon will create one or more incisions on the inside or outside of the nose. Support will be added to the nasal architecture. Often, this comes in the form of cartilage grafts that are sutured to the underlying cartilage structures that make up the tip of the nose. Once the area is adequately supported, the surgeon will close the incisions with medical stitches.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. James Anthony, a well-respected medical professional with years of experience, will be happy to walk you through the revision rhinoplasty procedure and answer all of your questions. So contact us today for an appointment. Your pinched nasal tip will be looking better before you know it!