Body Procedures San Francisco

Virtually any region of the body can be improved with plastic surgery and some of the most exciting new procedures in plastic surgery involve body contouring surgery. Technology and techniques are constantly changing and many of these advances minimize incisions, enhance results and speed up recovery. I have performed thousands of these procedures and consequently have thousands of satisfied patients that are testament to the safety and effectiveness and great results of these procedures.

To improve the shape of your skin, the muscles and fat can each be addressed separately or together. One of the most popular body contouring procedures for women and men is liposuction, which typically produces moderate to dramatic results with a relatively short recovery. Body contouring procedures may also involve removing skin excess (arm lifts, thigh and buttock lifts), creating tightness and firmness, often with minimal incisions. An abdominoplasty will remove skin excess while tightening the underlying musculature and strengthening the core while removing any extra skin which has resulted from pregnancy, weight gain or age. For other patients, body contouring procedures involve the addition of tissue – most frequently fat. Perhaps the best example of this is fat grafting to the buttocks – the Brazilian Butt Lift – which adds fat to this area either to enhance the normal contour or to create a firmer, more rounded buttock, reversing the normal aging process in this area.