Cheek and Facelifts San Francisco

What do we love most about this procedure?
You will look like your younger self!

As we age, our cheek fat and skin fall, creating deeper smile lines and eventually jowls along the jaw. Other aspects of this aging include flattening of the cheek areas, a pulling down of the sides of the mouth, and a heavier appearance of the lower part of the face (even if your weight hasn’t changed over the years). These changes often create a tired, sad or even an unhappy appearance. Fortunately, modern techniques of cheek and facelifts can improve and reverse these conditions.

The key consideration in creating a younger, natural look is to lift the areas of the face that have fallen first and then to gently tighten the skin. These procedures improve the cheek and jawline and also improve the adjacent areas of the face – the eyelids (since crow’s feet can be dramatically improved as well as hollowness under the eyes) and the neck where loose skin under the chin is improved and often eliminated. The goal of these face lifting procedures is to create a natural and long-lasting youthful appearance.

Modern face and cheek lifting techniques raise the fat and muscle nearly straight up (thereby counteracting gravity!) and then gently tightening any loose skin. This method was previously commonly referred to as an SMAS lift, more precisely my most commonly performed lifting technique is termed a high vertical SMAS lift – a variation that creates much better improvement in the midface, the cheek- eyelid junction and the corners of the mouth. Because the fat and muscle inside can now be lifted back up to its original position, modern Cheek and Facelifts create a younger, natural, and long-lasting appearance. (Long – lasting because the lifted fat and muscle inside help support the skin on the outside instead of the skin having to support the lift!) Fortunately, these techniques also help avoid an unnatural, pulled, or “windblown” look – telltale signs of what I consider to be poorly performed plastic surgery.

In addition, the incisions used to perform these lifts are designed not to alter your natural hairline, helping to further aiding in a natural appearance.

Cheek and Facelifts differ in how much lifting is done of the fat and muscles, and in how much extra skin needs to be removed. In general, patients in whom a Cheeklift is recommended are in their 30s-50s, while a facelift is applicable for older patients or those with significant loose skin or a heavier face. In order to aid in planning your surgery, Dr. Anthony asks that you bring an old photo of yourself as a young adult with you to the consultation.

Both procedures create a more youthful appearance that is natural and long lasting with a relatively quick recovery with little to no discomfort. They are often combined with other facial procedures, including brow and eyelid lifting, fat injections to restore cheek volume, neck lifting, etc.