Eyebrow Lift San Francisco

What do we love most about this procedure?
It reduces heaviness of the eyes and gives a well-rested look.

Browlift / Forehead Lift is an effective way to restore the normal shape to the eyebrows, lifting them and, if you desire, improving forehead wrinkles. There are several techniques available for browlift surgery. Which technique is recommended depends on how far the brows have fallen, your hair growth and your forehead shape. Several of the more common techniques include the lateral hairline browlift (very popular because it is the best one to remove forehead wrinkles), the endoscopic browlift and, for selected patients the coronal browlift. Each of these techniques have a very quick recovery period and a rested, natural appearance after surgery. During your consultation, I will help you to select the browlift procedure which is best for you given your anatomy and your goals.

Fortunately, all browlift techniques are similar in having little to no discomfort after surgery and a full recovery in a few weeks or less.