Blepharoplasty / Eyelid Lifts San Francisco

What do we love most about this procedure?
It is the best bang for your buck!

Blepharoplasty – or an eyelid lift – is surgical modification of the eyelid. Excess tissue such as skin and fat are removed or repositioned, and surrounding muscles and tendons may be reinforced. It can be both a functional and cosmetic surgery.

The eyelid area begins to show aging changes – wrinkles, extra skin and/or puffiness (bags) – beginning in the late 20’s or early 30’s. Eyelids are comprised of the thinnest skin in the body. This fact, combined with the importance of the eyelids in beauty, facial expression and conveying our emotions, explains why a blepharoplasty is one of the first cosmetic procedures patients undergo and why patients are so pleased with their results.

Eyelid lifts may be done under local, twilight or general anesthesia. In many patients they are combined with other procedures including brow – and cheeklifts. Incisions are well hidden in pre-existing creases or inside the lower eyelid. An eyelid lift is an outpatient procedure, there is very little discomfort involved and vision is normal throughout recovery, which occurs over 1-2 weeks.

Typically, patients undergoing blepharoplasty feel their appearance is simply more awake and less tired looking. For this reason the change that occurs with blepharoplasty isn’t usually noticeable to others as being due to plastic surgery – your appearance is improved but the changes are natural and subtle and the incisions are hidden.

The improved eyelid appearance from a blepharoplasty is very long lasting – typically for several decades or more. It is this combination of a quick recovery with natural looking and long lasting results that has made blepharoplasty one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures.