Lip Augmentation San Francisco

What do we love most about this procedure?
You can have fuller, younger, sexier lips in minutes!

The lips are one of our most distinctive features and beautiful lips are an undeniable asset. Unfortunately many of us are not born with great lips and, in all of us, our lips shrink as we get older.

Lip Augmentation techniques are appropriate for patients who want fuller lips and those who want to reduce wrinkles above or below the lip line. While there are many techniques available for Lip Augmentation, I have found the most natural looking (and feeling) results come from the use fillers to plump up the lips.

These fillers include: your own fat and newer fillers including Juvéderm. I can explain the benefits of each and recommend which type would be the best for you. As with any plastic surgery procedure, the goal of lip augmentation should be an improved, natural appearance.