San Francisco Plastic Surgery Testimonials

Red Carpet Bay Area (KRON), May 2010

“Dr. Anthony, Thank you for doing such a beautiful job on my lips. You are the best. Smiles, (name redacted)”

“Thanks so much for taking care of (name redacted). Your generosity,
compassion, friendships, unselfish acts of kindness and your continued support for (name redacted) recovery are gifts from God and we are so grateful for people like you. We pray that you might continue to bless families with good health and may God bless you all for the value you bring to people’s lives. Thank you for EVERYTHING.”

“Dr. Anthony, Thank you for your patience and “dedication” on working to make me a more beautiful woman. The results made me a happier person.”

“When a woman gets to a certain age, she becomes invisible. Thanks to you, I am no longer invisible.”

“Thank you so much… I cannot express how this surgery has already changed my life. I am sure you hear it all the time. My only hope is that I can tell all of S.F. about how amazing you and your team are. You made me feel comfortable with my body again. Many many thanks!”

“Your work is the reflection of true artistic genious. What also amazed me is that unlike most artists, you seem to prefer a style of understatement that says let my work speak for itself!”

“Of course I mean the lipo looks fabulous. You are truly a master of your craft and I look forward to you seeing you in January!”

“Not only did Dr. Anthony gently guide me through the process of transforming my body, he was also persistent in ensuring he delivered my desired results. His exceptional attention to detail throughout the entire process has been extremely motivating. He has truly changed my life.”

– Karen, San Francisco

“After having twins I hated looking at my body for years. Now after a masterful Mommy Makeover, not only am I now strutting around in a bikini, I feel like I have my life back! Dr. Anthony is superb!”

– Jennifer, San Francisco

“…I did receive quite a bit of attention from the opposite sex. It is very exciting to feel young again.”

– Patient, San Francisco

“Dr. Anthony is a super star and I can’t tell you how many people have said to me what great hands I was in. From the nurse who did the EKG to the pre-registration people to the registration gal and the pre-op nurses at the hospital…all these adjectives came up about Dr. Anthony: brilliant, talented, calm, kind, professional, amazing and sweet. I am totally serious, every time they (hospital staff) looked to see who my doctor was they made these wonderful comments. Wow.”

– Patient, Lafayette, CA