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Since most plastic surgery procedures are performed as outpatient surgery, many patients have come to prefer their surgery to be performed in a surgery center.

Surgery centers typically provide a more personal level of care in a smaller facility geared more closely to the needs of plastic surgery patients. That’s why our patients enjoy a private, fully-equipped and certified outpatient surgery facility.

A separate Medicare and AAAHC certified center, this beautiful, state-of-the-art suite allows Dr. Anthony to perform procedures in a comfortable, safe, warm environment and on an outpatient basis. We offer all types of anesthesia, administered by our team of Board Certified anesthesiologists, selected for their experience and abilities in outpatient surgery. Surgeries performed in the center include Abdominoplasty, Facial, Neck and Eye Procedures, Breast Procedures including augmentations, lifts and reductions and Liposuction.

“The surgery center offers our patients a wonderful, safe and easy option for their surgery. Because most patients are not required to have a hospital procedure, we can really streamline their surgery experience and have patients back home to rest and recover a lot quicker,” said Dr. Anthony. The staff at the surgery center can also arrange overnight accommodations with a caretaker, arrange transportation to and from the center and help with any other special requests.

The surgery center has been opened and certified for a number of years now and continues to maintain an excellent safety record. Meanwhile, for procedures best suited for the hospital setting, Dr. Anthony continues to be a staff member of the finest hospital in the city – California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC). The staff is respected at this facility and they provide excellent care for our patients.

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