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If you feel as though your breasts have diminished in their firmness, size, or shape, or if you’re experiencing unfortunate drooping due to weight loss, pregnancy, or aging, a San Francisco breast lift surgery (mastopexy) might be the perfect solution for you. Incredible advancements in breast lift techniques have made this cosmetic procedure so effective and successful that new statistics from the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) reveal nearly a 70% increase in demand since 2000.

Dr. James Anthony performs breast lift procedures in a way that re-defines the breasts by trimming away loose skin and surgically tightening the existing tissue for a healthier, more youthful look. Dr. Anthony, a board-certified plastic surgeon in San Francisco, CA, performs this procedure with the latest methods, the most up-to-the-minute techniques, and a methodology that focuses on naturalistic, subtle results.

Dr. Anthony’s office is also proud to offer imaging by Vectra, a 3D modeling technology designed to allow patients to visualize the potential results of a procedure. This technology can show your potential outcomes to help you decide if a surgery is right for you. Vetra is just one of the state-of-the-art technologies offered by Dr. Anthony to help patients achieve the most optimal possible results.

Dr. James Anthony Plastic Surgery

Am I an Ideal Candidate?

Many patients who arrive at our practice seeking breast augmentation end up deciding that a cosmetic breast lift surgery might be the best option—especially after speaking with Dr. Anthony. This is primarily due to the amount of visible sagging. Patients whose breasts have lost a significant amount of laxity generally need a skin removal and tightening surgery to reduce skin looseness to bring the breasts to a perkier position. If your nipples droop downward or your breasts sag significantly below the crease line, a surgical lift can dramatically help their appearance. Those who are interested in a breast lift in San Francisco from Dr. Anthony should be in good health and at a healthy, steady weight. Even though additional volume with implants may be desired, a surgical lift is often all it takes to create that optimal size and shape you’ve been hoping for.

Dr. Anthony is a highly skilled and very experienced surgeon.  His work is impeccable and results exceed expectations. I have seen Dr. Anthony for a number of procedures including breast lift and augmentation, liposuction, upper eyelid lift and neck lift. I've always been thrilled with my results and surprised at how quickly I heal with minimal discomfort and zero complications. The results are completely natural. Even people who have known me for 20 years have not noticed that I had my eyes done and a neck lift! The only comments people make are "you look great" or ask if I lost weight. Dr. Anthony is kind, patient and answers all questions and his staff is great - very helpful and friendly. I have 100% confidence in him.


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Dr. Anthony’s Surgical Technique

Our San Francisco mastopexy is performed while the patient is under general anesthesia, and usually takes about two hours or more, although the total duration of the treatment is dependent on the nature of breast size and the degree of sagging.

The surgical technique used for a breast lift typically falls into three categories, with each being defined by the type of the incision. The inverted-T (known as an anchor), around the nipple area (known as circumareolar mastopexy), and the straight line vertical incisions are the most used methods.

Once the incision has been made, excess skin is excised along with unwanted fat and tissue. The skin is then tightened and the breasts are positioned higher and lifted to appear naturally younger and more healthy. In most situations, the size of the areola is reconstructed and reduced to be symmetric with the new placement and shape of the breast. At this point, an implant or a fat transfer can also be placed in the breast as part of a complementary procedure. Augmentation surgery with implants can be always implemented at a later date, if size and shape are still an issue after your breast lift.

What Can I Expect After My Breast Lift?

Recovery from a breast lift procedure is a bit more extensive than recovery from surgery with implants only. After the procedure, you’ll wear a compression bra to help reduce swelling. Swelling typically subsides within a few days, and Dr. Anthony or a member of his team will provide in-depth, home treatment care instructions to help through the healing process.

You’ll begin to notice the results of your breast lift surgery after a few weeks as your breasts take their higher placement on your bustline. Eventually, you’ll notice your breasts feeling and appearing naturally perky, leaving you feeling beautiful and more youthful.

Enjoy a More Feminine Bust

Surgical breast lifting has transformed the lives of countless San Francisco, CA individuals who were previously unhappy with the size or shape of their chest. If you’re suffering from hanging, sagging breasts that interfere with your daily activities or stop you from being able to enjoy the outfits and styles you prefer, a breast lift may be the answer to your problems. Dr. Anthony will work closely with you, creating a tailored treatment plan to help you on your path to your physical ideal. If you wish to learn more, contact us today and schedule a consultation to receive arguably the best breast lift San Francisco has to offer.

Dr. James Anthony Plastic Surgery


How Much Does a Breast Lift Cost?

During your in-person consultation, Dr. Anthony will develop a personalized treatment plan according to your individual goals, at which point he’ll be able to provide you with a detailed cost estimate. To help make surgery affordable, we will help you find low-interest financing.

Do I Need a Breast Lift or Breast Implants?

Whether you should have a breast lift, implants, or both depends on your specific goals. Often, a breast lift will enhance the form and fullness of your breasts with no need for implants. Dr. Anthony will consider both your physical condition and your personal goals during your consultation before advising you as to whether you might benefit from implants, a lift, or combination of both.

Will My Nipples Be Moved?

Yes, the nipple-areola complex is moved up during a breast lift. These tissues remain normally attached inside the breast and doing this helps increase the preservation of nipple sensation. If your areolas are excessively large or stretched, Dr. Anthony can incorporate an areola reduction in your surgery. This will be discussed during your consultation so that the ideal incision pattern can be chosen for your breast lift.

How Long Will My Results Last?

With good care post-surgery care, your results can last for several years. Your breasts will still age normally, meaning it’s possible to eventually see loose and sagging skin. Factors like significant weight loss or gain can also change your results, so it’s best to maintain a steady weight following your breast lift. Pregnancy or breastfeeding can also alter your results, which is why Dr. Anthony suggests patients wait until they are finished having children to undergo a breast lift.

Can a Breast Lift Fix Asymmetry?

A lift can improve asymmetry in your breasts if they're different in size, firmness, or level of sagging. Dr. Anthony will evaluate the physical condition and appearance of your breasts during your consultation, and will talk about how a breast lift will be able to help you. During your surgery, he will adjust the tissue to ensure that your breasts are equal in position and size for symmetry.

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