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Are you looking for a way to refresh and restore your face’s naturally occurring contours? Lost volume is one of the common signs of aging and is often most prominent in the areas around the eyes, cheeks, and jawline. This is why Dr. James Anthony provides San Francisco facial fat grafting procedures to help diminish the signs of aging while increasing facial volume by smoothing fine lines, wrinkles, and folds on the face for a fresher, more naturally contoured look.

Dr. James Anthony Plastic Surgery

Benefits of Facial Fat Grafting

Facial fat grafting can be used in a number of locations to fill in volume, add softness, and create a younger-looking effect on the face in the following areas:

  • Mid-face
  • Lips
  • Cheekbones

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How does Facial Fat Grafting Work?

Using liposuction, Dr. Anthony removes extra fat from other parts of your body before carefully replacing the purified fat in the desired sections of your face for beautifully long-lasting results. With a facial fat graft procedure, you’ll enjoy a refreshed facial appearance, in addition to smoothed bodily curves. For more information about our facial fat grafting in San Francisco, contact our office to arrange a consultation with Dr. Anthony.

Am I a Candidate?

If you’re interested in facial fat grafting in San Francisco, you may be an excellent candidate. Patients who have retained a considerable amount of elasticity in their skin but wish to attain smoothness and repair volume typically see the most optimal results. Patients who are very thin or who have limited body fat may not be ideal candidates for a fat transfer. Instead, a dermal filler may be their best option.

Ideal candidates for facial fat grafting:

  • Desire a more refreshed and brighter facial profile
  • Are looking for increased fullness in particular areas on the face
  • Have noticed the results of aging
  • Have experienced serious weight loss
  • May have an aversion, allergy, or intolerance to common dermal fillers

During your consultation with Dr. Anthony, he will walk you through every step of the procedure, talk over your goals and expectations, and get you started down the path to your ideal look.

Surgical Technique

Facial fat transfer is a two-step process. First, Dr. Anthony will suction fat from a predetermined area of the body. Fat is most commonly taken from the abdomen, hips, or love handles. Only minor amounts of fat are typically needed. This fat is then refined to a more organic form so that Dr. Anthony can inject it into the desired locations on the face (usually the mid-face or cheek area; sometimes the lips).

Dr. Anthony may employ different injection angles and techniques to provide ideal immersion rates into your skin, while also maintaining an artistically motivated sense of symmetry. Facial fat grafting is minimally invasive, and typically doesn’t leave facial scars. Some patients do, however, see light scarring at the site of the fat extraction.

Dr. James Anthony Plastic Surgery

What Should I Expect After My Procedure?

Depending upon the fat removal location, you’ll be offered local and/or general anesthesia. Most facial fat graft procedures are a simple outpatient surgery that can be completed in one visit, or can even be performed simultaneously with other procedures, including brow lift, neck lift, facelift, or eyelid surgery. For facial fat grafting, the healing period is typically one week or less, with noticeably youthful results being visible within two days. This quick recovery time makes the surgery an attractive choice for a quick, beautiful outcome.

Put Your Freshest Face Forward

If you’re looking for a facial rejuvenation procedure without a lengthy recovery time, a San Francisco facial fat grafting procedure is a wonderful way to add youthful volume, even out lines, and naturally enhance your already-gorgeous face. Reach out to us today and set up a consultation with Dr. Anthony to find out how you can start your journey towards natural, long-lasting results.

Dr. James Anthony Plastic Surgery


How Much Does Facial Fat Grafting Cost?

The cost of a San Francisco facial fat grafting procedure varies based on how much fat is to be extracted, as well as the size of the treatment area. Facial fat grafting is often about the same price as some injectable dermal fillers, with the difference being that it is a two-step process. After a thorough in-person consultation, Dr. Anthony will assess how many injections will be needed to create the desired volume, and he will prepare a treatment plan with costs for you to consider.

Should I Choose Filler or Fat Grafting?

The injectable dermal filler market has made some impressive strides, offering patients a number of options for adding facial volume and softness. While many patients prefer fillers for their ease and convenience, still others prefer the natural results that come from their own fat. It should be noted that both methods create effective results. It should also be noted that both methods only last so long. While dermal fillers create a temporary result, a portion of the improvement from fat grafting may last many years.

Can Fat Grafting be Combined with Another Procedure?

Absolutely. In fact, many patients combine facial fat grafting with other treatments like Botox® or a laser peel. Additionally, many patients who undergo facial cosmetic surgery such as a facelift, neck lift, or chin augmentation often combine procedures for additional volume to fully realize the results they’re seeking. The facial fat graft has become a popular complementary treatment, enhancing the outcome of other non-surgical skin rejuvenation procedures for the most optimal results.

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