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Your face is the part of you that greets the world first, and you deserve one that highlights and accentuates your natural beauty. Board-certified surgeon Dr. James Anthony provides beautiful San Francisco facelift procedures to residents of the Bay area and beyond. He is an expert in a wide variety of facial procedures, each one designed to grant you the naturalistic and youthful glow you want. His facelift technique focuses on tightening loose skin, smoothing wrinkles, and enhancing your natural appearance to bring out the best in you, creating a more youthful, firmer appearance.

Benefits of a Facelift

A facelift procedure can help you with any number of problem areas, including:

  • Lines and wrinkles near the eyes
  • The mid-face area
  • The cheeks
  • The lower face (mouth, jowls, neck, etc.)
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Our facelift procedures is designed to leave you with an all-encompassing, youthful glow, guided by Dr. Anthony’s gifted hand and artistic eye. We offer full facelift procedures, as well as a mid-face lift, depending on your personal preferences and the unique properties of your body in its present state.

Dr. Anthony’s surgical expertise is second to none, and his high level of experience with the facelift procedure has given him a deep understanding of not only its complexity, but the finesse required to leave patients with the results they’ve been looking for. Our goal is to grant you a natural appearance that is gorgeous, subtle, and striking.

Before & After Facelift

Am I a Candidate?

Dr. Anthony and his highly experienced surgical staff can improve any number of areas, depending on your unique goals and desired outcomes. If you’re interested in a facelift, you may be an excellent candidate. The best candidates for this procedure have drooping skin or lines and wrinkles on the face—whether these issues are present on the entire face, or just one area.

Age doesn't always define the time in life to have cosmetic facial surgery. Any number of factors can determine your suitability for a facelift, and we offer a number of advanced techniques at our office, each one designed to address your specific cosmetic concerns. For example, we would use a different technique for a patient between 30 and 40 years old than we would for one between 60 or 70 years old. 

The condition of your skin is also one of the key elements in the decision-making process. Ideally, you should also be physically healthy and a non-smoker. We’ll walk you through all of these details and help you understand what to expect during your consultation.

Dr. Anthony’s Surgical Techniques

We offer a wide variety of facelifts in San Francisco that allow you to address any specific concerns you might have. Some facelifts might address the upper area of the face, while others focus on the lower two-thirds. Some methods are also a bit more invasive than others. It’s very common for some patients to have an eyelid lift, brow lift, or utilize Botox® and dermal fillers to complement and enhance their final results. Most facelift procedures involve IV sedation or general anesthesia, and the duration depends on the specifics of your unique procedure. Some of our most popular options include:

Full Facelift

The full or “traditional” facelift often involves an incision close to the hairline which extends down to the area near the temples, stopping near the base of the ears. The deeper layer of facial muscles is carefully stretched and safely tightened, creating a lifted look, reducing excessive loose skin and drooping features. During a full facelift, various methods may be used, including blepharoplasty to enhance the eyes or a neck lift for the lower region. This facelift is ideal for individuals with visible signs of aging.

Mini Facelift

During a mini facelift, a thin incision is placed near the ears to lift the skin, enhancing the mouth, jawline, and jowls. The process results in artfully subtle enhancements, leaving you with a naturally youthful look.


With a similar approach to the mini facelift, the mid-facelift addresses any hollow or lax areas near the cheekbones, as well as the upper jaw. This procedure is perfect for those hoping to improve the middle and lower regions of the face by smoothing wrinkles and eliminating jowls.

Lower Facelift

he lower facelift enhances the chin and neck areas and sometimes addresses the jowls. Non-surgical procedures (such as Kybella® injections) can also help with chin augmentation for a more youthful, tighter-looking neck.

What Should I Expect After My Facelift?

Following your San Francisco rhytidectomy, you’ll experience some bruising and swelling, as well as slight to moderate pain and soreness which can be eased with pain medication. Your specific recovery time will depend on a variety of factors, including your age, health status, and other individual details.

As such, Dr. Anthony will walk you through exactly what you can expect after your procedure during your in-person consultation. We’ll also schedule follow-up appointments so we can closely monitor your progress and guide you through the recovery process.

You’ll experience some soreness and pain, which will subside within about a week. Swelling and bruising will continue to lessen throughout the second week of your recovery, and life typically returns to normal right around 30 days after your procedure. Many of our patients both look and feel better after several weeks, at which point you’ll be able to enjoy a more youthful appearance, with fewer lines and less sagging.

The Right Facelift for You

Cosmetic facial surgery can turn back time and give you the youthful look you want. Dr. Anthony offers a wide variety of options, each one tailored to meet your unique goals and designed to provide you with beautifully natural results. If you’re interested in learning more, we welcome you to get in touch with our office to schedule your appointment with Dr. Anthony to receive arguably the best facelift San Francisco has to offer.

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How Much Will My Facelift Cost?

The cost of a facelift will depend on the technique that is used and other factors. When you visit our office, Dr. Anthony will develop a unique treatment plan to match your individual goals. When this is complete, he will walk you through estimates of fees. For natural-looking results, it’s best to focus on finding a highly skilled surgeon like Dr. Anthony instead of looking for the lowest price. We can also help you with information on low-interest financing to make your facelift affordable.

What Technique is Best for Me?

The optimal technique depends on your goals, your level of skin laxity, the areas you wish to address, and other factors. Dr. Anthony will go over each technique with you during your consultation so you can determine together which method is best.

Should I Get a Surgical or Non-Surgical Facelift?

There are several great non-surgical skin tightening treatments, but they tend to only give you mild improvements. For moderate to severely sagging skin, facelift surgery is the best choice. When you visit our office, Dr. Anthony will go over your choices, including non-surgical procedures, to help you decide which is best for your goals.

What About Wrinkle Fillers and Relaxers?

Dermal fillers and relaxers like Botox and Juvéderm® (also known as a “liquid facelift”), are popular solutions to fine lines and wrinkles. These non-surgical treatments are good for early signs of aging, but the results won’t last for more than 1 to 2 years. A facelift will produce more significant improvements, with longer-lasting results.

Will My Results Look Natural?

Dr. Anthony’s artistic eye and experience allow him to leave you looking natural and refreshed, avoiding skin that looks shiny or overly tight. During your consultation, he will talk over your concerns and goals, creating a custom treatment plan to help you arrive at your optimal results.

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