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About Thigh Lift Surgery

Weight loss is an impressive accomplishment for anyone, but sometimes the journey to your ideal weight requires an additional step to really bring you across the finish line. 

Based on the amount of time you carried that extra weight and how much of it you lost, loose skin can be an added challenge if it isn’t able to “take” to the smaller shape and size of your new body.

For many people, the thighs are specific trouble spots, which is why board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. James Anthony offers a San Francisco thigh lift (also called thighplasty) to trim loose skin on the outer or inner thighs and reveal a firmer, more contoured look. A thigh lift procedure is perfect in its ability to create natural-looking results for just about anyone who doesn't want loose skin on their thighs.

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Am I an Ideal Candidate?

If you’re considering a thigh lift in San Francisco, you may be a great candidate. A thigh lift is an ideal treatment for anyone who has recently lost significant weight, and is also helpful for older adults concerned about excess skin caused by natural aging. It’s also beneficial for women whose body shape has changed due to pregnancy and childbirth. If you’re dealing with hanging, loose, or wrinkly skin on your upper thighs (whether it's the outer or inner thighs or both), thigh lift surgery can be helpful. If cellulite is a bigger problem, Dr. Anthony can recommend different treatments that are designed to help decrease the look of cellulite.

Dr. Anthony is a highly skilled and very experienced surgeon.  His work is impeccable and results exceed expectations.


Dr. Anthony’s Surgical Technique

For thigh lift surgery, general anesthesia is commonly administered. An incision is placed close to the top portion of the leg, in the natural fold where the thigh attaches to the torso. The incision typically continues along to the midsection of the thigh, permitting enough space to perform surgical liposuction (if necessary), which eliminates stubborn pockets of fat and trims excess skin in the top thigh area.

The skin is then stretched upward, pulled tight, and secured with sutures. In some patients, an additional incision may be made underneath the butt or in the outer thigh area, depending on the quantity of skin and tissue being addressed. Thigh lift surgery at our San Francisco practice corrects the complete thigh area, for a tighter, shapelier, more contoured look.

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What Can I Expect After My Thigh Lift?

Thigh lift surgery takes an average of 2 to 3 hours to perform. After the procedure, you’ll be monitored and assessed before you are allowed to go home to begin your recovery.

There is often swelling, bruising, and discomfort during the first few days of recovery. In several days, many patients are able to get up and start slowly walking, which is recommended for improved blood circulation and quicker healing. The full recovery time usually lasts around 6 to 8 weeks. Wound care instructions given by Dr. Anthony will help your surgical incision to heal properly. Although patients will have some scarring, the improved contour and shape of your legs can help raise your self-esteem, and you can show your thighs with pride.

Get Tighter, Toned Thighs

When you find yourself embarrassed by loose skin on your inner or outer thighs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more about our San Francisco thigh lift surgery. It's typical for patients to combine a thigh lift surgery with one or more contouring surgeries, particularly surgeries that correct nearby areas including stomach surgery or a lift for the lower body, based on your individual condition. Schedule your appointment with plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony to get the slim thighs you want.

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How much does thigh lift surgery cost?

The total cost of thigh lift surgery will include fees for the surgical facility, anesthesia, and tests. Dr. Anthony will work with you to create your thigh lift treatment plan, at which point he’ll be able to estimate your costs. We can also help you find low-interest medical financing that will make your thigh lift surgery easy to afford so you can focus on getting the results you want from a skilled plastic surgeon like Dr. Anthony.

Will a thigh lift remove cellulite or stretch marks?

A thigh lift is the best choice to achieve nicely contoured, slimmer legs. Since the procedure calls for skin tightening and liposuction in cases of excessive fat deposits, it also improves the appearance of cellulite or other skin irregularities (like stretch marks) on the upper legs. If you’re concerned about cellulite or stretch marks, let Dr. Anthony know during your consultation so he can customize your surgical plan to match your goals.

How long will my results last?

If you live a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and regular exercise, you should enjoy the results of your thigh lift for a long time. Patients should be at or near a stable weight before surgery so that results can be easily maintained. Pregnancy or significant weight changes after a thigh lift can compromise your results. During your consultation, Dr. Anthony will talk to you about what you can do to help your results last longer.

Can I combine a thigh lift with other surgeries?

Many patients combine a thigh lift with a tummy tuck or butt lift in a customized lower body lift procedure. A thigh lift is also a common part of a mommy makeover or after-weight loss surgery. During your consultation, talk to Dr. Anthony about all your concerns and goals so he can create a treatment plan that will give you the results you want.

What about a non-surgical thigh lift?

While there are non-surgical treatments to reduce fat in the body and tighten skin, they’re best suited to small improvements. Thigh lift surgery is the best way to address moderate to severe amounts of loose skin and stubborn fat on your legs. If you’re interested in non-surgical options, ask Dr. Anthony for more information during your consultation. He will tell you the benefits and drawbacks of both thigh lift surgery and non-surgical options, as well as his recommendation on which would be best for your goals.

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