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Tubular breast correction can help you live your life to the fullest, especially if you’ve been dealing with the unpleasant results of improper breast development. When normal breast development fails to occur (congenital breast deformity), or the breast develops in an unusual shape (tubular breast or constricted breast deformity), the results can be frustrating. The deformity may be on one side (creating asymmetry or differences between one breast and the other) or present in both breasts. 

Dr. James Anthony provides tubular breast correction in San Francisco. His cutting-edge plastic surgical techniques can lift, augment, and re-shape the breasts for a more natural shape and improved symmetry, which can give you a huge self-confidence boost. 

Dr. James Anthony’s tubular breast correction surgery allows his patients to look the way they want and live their life to the fullest. We invite you to contact our office to learn more about the procedure or to schedule a consultation.

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Symptoms of Tubular Breasts

While not necessarily a health concern, tubular breasts do present individuals with a troubling aesthetic concern. Tubular breasts can also cause some complications for women interested in breastfeeding. 

Diagnosed based on appearance, tubular breasts typically have a gap of more than 1.5 inches between them. They’re also frequently asymmetrical, with one breast larger than the other, or one or both nipples appearing to be collapsed or constricted. Tubular breasts may also lack a round appearance, instead appearing pointed, oval, or square shaped.

I have had a couple services with Dr Anthony and I came back after years because I knew he is an expert, he does great work and he teaches. I am happy with his services and he is reasonably priced. Of course as with any surgery I run some risks but I've been a willing participant in my choices. Grateful for my choices today!


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Procedure Technique

In some cases, several cosmetic treatments may be needed to correct the appearance of tubular breasts. A tissue expander will need to be placed into the breast, followed by an implant to alter the shape and size of the breast. Nipple surgery may also be needed to modify the nipples to match the new breast implants. 

The entire process may require multiple surgeries, depending on the appearance of the current breasts and the desired results. During your consultation with Dr. Anthony, he’ll create a customized treatment plan for your specific wants and needs to achieve a successful outcome.

What Can I Expect After Tubular Breast Correction?

As with any other cosmetic breast surgery, you’ll experience swelling, tenderness, and bruising after the operation, and will need to limit how much physical activity you perform. Most patients need about 2 weeks of recovery before returning to daily activities, while swelling tends to subside within about a month. Follow-up appointments may be necessary so that Dr. Anthony can track your recovery process and ensure that you are healing properly.

Restore Your Body, Restore Your Confidence

If you’re interested in tubular breast correction in San Francisco, Dr. James Anthony is here to work with you and help you achieve your aesthetic goals. You don’t have to feel embarrassed by the appearance of your breasts any longer. Through cosmetic surgery, Dr. Anthony can correct the look of tubular breasts and congenital breast deformities, allowing you to live a fuller and more fulfilling life. To learn more or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Anthony, contact us today.

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How Much Does a Tubular Breast Surgery Cost?

The cost of our San Francisco tubular breast correction procedure varies from patient to patient, depending on the number and type of treatments needed. Our office provides financial planning and payment plans that can work to fit your budget needs. Please feel free to speak with one of our team members during your consultation to learn more about how we can make your treatment more affordable.

What Causes Tubular Breasts?

Tubular breasts don’t become evident until puberty, and typically occur because of insufficient breast tissue. In other cases, the tissue that connects the areola to the breast is abnormally shaped, giving the breast a drooping appearance.

Are There Any Other Forms of Treatment for Tubular Breasts?

Currently, the only form of treatment for tubular breasts and congenital breast deformity is cosmetic surgery. Since tubular breasts do not affect your health, they are only really treated through a surgical approach to alter the shape and size of the breasts. Before undergoing a cosmetic breast procedure, you should always make sure that you are receiving care from a physician that is familiar with your condition. A traditional breast augmentation may not be sufficient to fully correct the appearance of tubular breasts.

How Do I Know If I Have Tubular Breasts?

Tubular breasts are diagnosed according to the appearance of the breasts. Typically, the breasts may appear to droop, have insufficient breast tissue (making them appear very small), or feature abnormal-looking nipples. A plastic surgeon like Dr. Anthony at our San Francisco practice will be able to properly diagnose your condition and develop a treatment plan that corrects your appearance.

How Common are Tubular Breasts?

Tubular breasts may be more common than is documented, as many individuals don’t seek treatment for the condition. It certainly isn’t a rare condition, and can occur in both men and women. While some people may notice irregularities in their breasts, they may not realize they have a condition at all.

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