Gluteal Sculpting San Francisco

One of the newest, most exciting procedures in body contouring is the addition (and removal) of fat to selected areas – particularly the buttocks and surrounding areas. These gluteal sculpting procedures can improve buttock contour in four ways – each via adding volume, but not all necessarily will create a larger butt. For obvious reasons, these procedures have become very popular!

Recovery from each of these Gluteal Sculpting techniques are similar to liposuction – you are generally back to work in a week (two with the thong lift procedure) with final results seem after at 6-8 weeks.

These four improvements are:

  1. To fill or improve contour depressions on the butt and/or to remove fat from bulging areas. For many women, even thin and/or younger women, bulges, depressions or cellulite may detract from the appearance of the buttocks. Removing fat from bulging areas and adding it to areas where there is a depression can create a significantly smoother, gently curved, more feminine buttock shape without enlarging the overall size of the buttocks. Click here to view the Gluteal Sculpting photo gallery.
  2. To firm or lift the butt (The Brazilian Butt Lift). As we age, there is a tendency to lose volume in the gluteal muscles (no matter how we exercise) and also for the skin in this area to become more loose, in both men and women. For many patients, the addition of fat alone (The Brazilian Butt Lift) solves both of these problems. Using liposuction, this procedure takes away fat from where it is not needed (thighs, waist, etc.) and then the fat is injected into the areas of the butt where a little extra volume is needed. This injected fat results in a tighter and more firm butt with less loose skin. There is virtually no scar since there are only a few small (1/4 inch or less) incisions for the liposuction. (For patients with a significant amount of loose skin on the buttocks or upper thigh, there are several lifting techniques – including the thong lift (#4 below) which remove excess skin and lift the buttocks using relatively hidden incisions.)
    It should be understood that this procedure does not necessarily create a bigger butt (though it can, if that is desired!) – it just makes it rounder and firmer – more like it was when you were younger.
  3. Buttock Enlargement. In many men and women the gluteal muscles either never develop as fully as desired or, over time, shrink to a point where increasing their size becomes the goal. Just as fat can be used to help lift, or firm the butt, it can be used (in greater amounts) to actually increase buttock size. (link to patient # in photo gallery). Prior to fat sculpting procedures, gluteal implants (which had a number of problems associated with them) were the only way to enlarge this area. Today, the development of gluteal sculpting and fat grafting allows much greater precision in sculpting, a natural, soft buttock and, of course, no need for an implant.
  4. Surgical Buttock Lifts (including the Thong Lift). For patients with a significant amount of excess skin in the gluteal area there are several techniques to tighten the skin and improve the gluteal appearance. These include the thong lift (Which hides the incision in the cleft between the buttocks) and the posterior thigh lift (which hides the incision beneath the buttocks).