Neck Lifts and Neck Liposuction San Francisco

After the eyelids, the neck area is often the next area to age.Typical problems in the neck area include excess fat under the chin or along the jaw, loose skin and tight muscle bands (platysmal banding – often called a “turkey neck”). Each of these problems has a specific solution which may be simple liposuction, a thorough direct removal of the fat or muscle bandsor a Neck Lift. I will recommend the appropriate procedure for you.

For many patients with extra skin in the neck, some type of Cheek or Neck lift is also recommended in order to give the best possible result in the neck and to create a harmonious appearance between your face and neck.

Cosmetic Surgery of the neck is characterized by little to no discomfort following surgery, a rapid recovery and return to work, and a long-lasting improvement in appearance.