ThermiRF San Francisco

ThermiRF is a procedure performed by Dr. Anthony designed to induce skin shrinkage and improve skin appearance with virtually no down time.

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Where it works:

Loose Skin- especially in areas where there is no good surgical treatment such as the knees or elbows or in areas where you are not ready for (or do not want) surgery, including the arms, abdomen, neck and inner thighs.

Cellulite- Thermi tightens the skin- both by a direct heating effect and via stimulating more collagen formation. Because of the increased collagen, Thermi cannot only shrink the skin, it can improve the quality- the look and the texture- of your skin.

How does it work?

Thermi delivers strong heating to the under surface of the skin (the subdermal layers to be exact). Heating the skin from the back side (to as high as 160 F degrees!) allows us just to cause much more skin shrinkage than is possible with heating from the outside ( like a laser or external radiofrequency (Ulthera) does). This is the case because the outside of the skin can burn at about 125 degrees F (not high enough a temperature to cause real skin shrinkage) while the back side of the skin be heated to at least 160 degrees F safely. This explains why ThermiRF is so effective in tightening the skin.

How is Thermi done?

Thermi can be done either in office, using local anesthesia or as a minor procedure using sedation (“twilight”) if you prefer. Either way, the procedure takes an hour or two. During the procedure, the area to be worked on is numbed and the Thermi probe (which is the size of a small needle) is placed under the skin, heating it from below. Once the procedure is completed, band aids are placed on the injection sites and you can go home or to work.

What is the recovery like?

There is typically no down time from Thermi, although you may develop a small bruise or two in the treated area. Temporary mild numbness is often seen in the tested area for several weeks- this is actually an indication that the area has been thoroughly treated.

When will I see results?

Many patients see results beginning in about one month. Your body keeps forming additional collagen for at least 6 months. This collagen formation is responsible for both tightening and overall improvement in the skin and that is why patients treated with Thermi note improvements for at least 6 months after their treatment.